Travelling with Baby

Tips for getting organised

Having everything you need with you will help you get the most out of trips with your baby. Even if you’re not a great one for lists, a little bit of careful planning (and a big bag!) will help you enjoy your journey.

Here are our top baby travelling tips for what to pack:

Food and drink

If you’re bottle feeding him, you’ll need to bring some supplies along for baby feeding on the go. Don’t forget to pack some high energy treats for yourself as well!

  • Our insulated bottle carrier keeps your baby’s feeding bottle hot or cold for 4 hours. And if you want to bring along some snacks too, try our food and drink carrier
  • Our Easy Clip bottle is one of the best feeding bottles for bottle feeding when travelling, as you don’t have to worry about leaks. It fastens shut with just a single clip
  • A few washable bibs will keep him clean and tidy. You could go for disposable ones if you want to lighten your load
  • You can bring his formula in the milk dispenser and the food in storage containers. And don’t forget to take his dishes and spoons with you



Baby is bound to need a change when you’re out, so make sure you pack:

  • plenty of nappies and baby wipes
  • plastic bags for soiled nappies and messy emergencies


Choosing a baby bag that includes a changing mat will cut down on the amount you have to remember.


Bring something to keep baby entertained on the journey – our Activity spiral will fit on most pushchairs and cots, so it’s handy to take with you wherever you go.


When you’re packing for a baby or toddler it’s a good idea to take two outfits per day, just in case. Denim and dark colours are good for hiding dirt and stains and lots of layers are good for changeable climates.

All set? Get ready to have fun!