Travelling Rearward Facing

Rearfacing travel: the how and the why

Rearfacing background

In 1984 Europe’s very first baby car seat was introduced by Bébé Confort and started a revolution. It was installed rearward facing by the car’s seat belt which was highly unusual at the time.

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Rearfacing benefits

Babies are safer in a rearward facing seat up to the age of at least 15 months. Bébé Confort even recommends to transport toddlers rearward facing for as long as possible. But why is rearfacing travel exactly safer?

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Bébé Confort recommendations

Bébé Confort recommends to travel rearward facing as long as possible. Parents are advised to use the (rearfacing) infant car seat until the top of the baby’s head reaches the top of the seat back.

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Bébé Confort rearward facing car seats

Bébé Confort especially recommends the AxissFix car seats or the 2wayFamily, consisting of the 2wayFix base and Pebble and 2wayPearl car seats. The family offers safe rearward facing travel from birth right up to about 4 years of age (until a length of 105 cm).

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