Why Do I Need a Travel System

3-in-1 convenience

Imagine having everything you need to get your baby from car to pushchair and back again without even waking him up! With a travel system, you get just that, making shopping, drives and trips to the park a breeze.

What is a travel system?

A travel system is a combination of: a pushchair + a baby car seat + a carrycot



How do travel systems work? 

Travel systems grow with your child. So when they’re very young, you can use the carrycot or car seat, then move on to the pushchair seat when they’re older. The carrycot and car seat can be used separately or clipped onto the pushchair. Any Bébé Confort baby car seat or carrycot can fit onto any Bébé Confort pushchair in just one click, thanks to the Modulo Clip system.

When your baby’s older, you can attach the pushchair seat, which he can use until he reaches the age of around 4.

Do I need a carrycot?

A Bébé Confort carrycot can make a very comfortable bed for your baby. So your baby can sleep peacefully whatever you’re doing and wherever you go.

What travel system should I choose?

Whether you enjoy shopping in the city or long walks in the countryside, Bébé Confort has travel systems to suit every lifestyle.

You can put together your own travel system, even mixing and matching your colours.