Why use a parent-facing stroller?

Baby loves seeing you

Your baby’s loving gaze is absolutely captivating – and when he’s very small there’s nothing he’ll like better than looking deeply into your eyes.  You’ll want to keep this lovely eye contact  with each other when you’re out and about, which is why a parent-facing stroller is such a great choice for young babies.

Parent-facing strollers
Most from-birth baby strollers have both rear-facing and forward-facing positions – our 1st age strollers can change positions in a flash.

But from birth until about 9 months old, being able to make eye-contact with you is key to baby’s wellbeing. In a parent-facing stroller, he’ll be able to see you and hear your voice, which he’ll find comforting.

Your baby will love it when you bend over to talk to him and kiss him while you’re out. And having a parent-facing stroller means you’ll be able to see the delight on his little face when you give him attention.

You’ll be more relaxed too, as you’ll be able to reassure yourself that he’s not too hot or too cold, and that he’s protected from anything too over-stimulating in the outside world. Your little one will feel safe and secure, helping him discover the world at his own pace.

Moving to a front-facing stroller
As your baby gets older he’ll become more curious about the world around him and will want to watch it go by. But you might want to make the move to a front-facing stroller gradually. You could try changing the position of the stroller seat for an hour or so at a time – that’s easy with most reversible strollers.

Try it when you go for a walk in the park, and if he needs reassurance, you can stand next to him when you show him the flowers. Then you can slowly build up to having the seat forward-facing for an afternoon.

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