Why use a baby carrier?

Staying close to your baby

As well as a good stroller, one thing that many new parents find invaluable when their newborns arrive is a baby carrier.

Not only are they fantastic for bonding in the early weeks and months, but they also give you the freedom to get on with the many tasks involved in being a new parent  (yes, there are many).

Close to you
Your baby got used to hearing mum’s heartbeat and the sound of her voice when he was inside the womb. So when he’s born he’ll find it comforting and reassuring being held close to his mum or dad’s body in a baby carrier. It’ll also boost the natural bonding process.

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As baby carriers are hands-free, you can get on with everyday tasks while he stays close. Putting out the washing, tidying up, even supermarket shopping – you’ll like being able to tick things off your to-do list while he’s snuggled up warm next to you. And of course you can also relax !
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Go anywhere
Although strollers are fantastically useful, it’s not always easy taking one on crowded public transport, up flights of steps or over rough ground. But with a baby carrier, you can go anywhere you want with your precious bundle and know he’s safe and secure.

Choosing the best baby carrier for you

  • Look for a carrier that holds your baby in a seated position close to the natural foetal position. This supports the natural development of his hips in the first 6 months of life.
  • You want to be comfortable too, so look for an ergonomic baby carrier. Try some for size in-store to check you’re opting for a back-friendly carrier that fits your own body perfectly.
  • At some point you’ll need to calm your crying baby quickly. So look for a carrier that you can put on with the minimum of fuss. The Easia baby carrier installs in just 4 clicks.
As your little one gets bigger and stronger, he’ll enjoy taking in the world around him. A front-facing  position will stimulate his senses when he’s ready – and give you a chance to point out lots of new things to him. 
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