Toddler Car Seats

Toddler Car Seats

Our toddler car seats blend safety and comfort with practical design to make each journey easy. Engineered to fit from approx. 4 months to 4 years, using rearward facing travel and ISOFIX car seat installation.

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  1. Pearl Pro 2 i-Size

    Pearl Pro 2 i-Size

    Comfort up to 4 years old
    • Extra padded comfort cushion
    • High density seat unit padding
    • Recline position for sleeping
    • Easy-in harness
  2. AxissFix Air

    AxissFix Air

    It's what's inside that counts
    • Built-in airbags
    • i-Size safety
    • 360° swiveling seat
    • Rearward & forward facing
  3. AxissFix Plus

    AxissFix Plus

    Safety turns easy, now from birth
    • 360° swiveling seat
    • i-Size for improved safety
    • Rear and forward-facing 
    • Grows with your baby from birth
  4. Pearl Smart i-Size

    Pearl Smart i-Size

    Rearward facing toddler car seat up to 4 years
    • Rear- and forward-facing until 4 years
    • ISOFIX with installation feedback  
    • i-Size for improved safety
    • Simultaneous safety harness and headrest adjustment
  5. Beryl


    A perfect fit every time
    • From birth till 7 years
    • One harness that grows as your child does
    • Fits all cars
    • G-Cell technology
  6. Axiss


    The swivel toddler car seat
    • Seat belt installation
    • 90° swivelling seat
    • Harness and headrest adjustment
    • Multiple recline positions
  7. Titan Pro

    Titan Pro

    Designed to grow as they do
    • Multi-age use (9 months-12 years)
    • GrowSafe headrest
    • G-CELL side impact technology
    • Bamboo cooling fabrics
  8. Titan Plus

    Titan Plus

    Grow in comfort
    • Multi-age use (9 months-12 years)
    • Extra-padding for best-in-class comfort
    • ClimaFlow for temperature control
    • Easy installation of the child
  9. Titan


    Designed for the future
    • Multi-age usage
    • Easy headrest adjustment
    • 5 comfortable recline positions
    • Solid ISOFIX installation
  10. TobiFix


    ISOFIX Bébé Confort toddler car seat
    • ISOFIX safety
    • Multiple recline positions
    • Easy headrest adjustment
    • Confirmation of correct ISOFIX installation

Bébé Confort Toddler Car Seats

When your little one’s head comes up over the top of a baby car seat, it is time to move on to a toddler car seat. All our Bébé Confort car seats for toddlers are designed for comfort and safety, even now your baby is not a baby anymore. We offer different type of group 1 car seats, which go up to 12 years.

At Bébé Confort we recommend rearward travelling up to 15 months, within the toddler car seat category there are multiple car seats that support this guideline. 

For parents who are looking for extra convenience; we offer multiple car seats for toddlers that have a rotating functionality. Installing your little one in their car seat is a lot easier if you can turn the car seat towards you, this way you are sure they are safely and correctly installed. Especially in combination with features like our innovative easy-in harness or belt hooks, installing your little one was never that easy. 

Most of our toddler car seats are easily adjustable to match your growing child. Just change the height or change the harnass so your child always enjoys a comfortable and safe ride no matter how fast they grow! 

For quick and easy installation we offer multiple ISOFIX toddler car seats, these car seats are connected to the ISOFIX anchors of your car which means they are very easy to install! Don’t worry if your car does not have ISOFIX anchors, at Bébé Confort we offer multiple toddler car seats that can be installed with only the belt of your car, just follow the instructions in the included manual to install it correctly.

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