We’ll support you every step of the way when you’re breastfeeding. Find a comfy and efficient breast pump so. And discover our breast milk storage options alongside daily essentials like breastfeeding pads. 

Category & Filters
  1. Manual breast pump

    Manual breast pump

    Stronger and more flexible handle for a smooth, very gentle movement
    • Effortless
    • 2 modes
    • Flexible
    • Gentle
  2. Electric breast pump

    Electric breast pump

    Hands Free
    • Hands free
    • Comfortable position
    • Discreet and silent
    • 2 modes : stimulation & expression.
  3. Washable bamboo nursing pads

    Washable bamboo nursing pads

    Wash net included
    • Very soft
    • Ultra absorbent
    • Washable
  4. Ultra-absorbent disposable nursing pads

    Ultra-absorbent disposable nursing pads

    Discreet! To match your breastfeeding bra.
    • Super absorbent with waterproof lining.
    • Soft lining and contoured shape.
    • Individually wrapped, the disposable nursing pads can be carried everywhere.
    • White, Natural or Black color.
  5. Breastmilk conservation bags

    Breastmilk conservation bags

    • Pre-sterilised
    • Secure double zipper
    • Easy to use
  6. Milk collection containers

    Milk collection containers

    • Breast protection
    • Enhance healing
    • Relieves engorgement
    • Milk collection
  7. Disposable panties

    Disposable panties

    • Hygienic
    • Stretch
  8. Stretch net panties

    Stretch net panties

    • Hygienic
    • Stretch
  9. Soothing breastfeeding compresses

    Soothing breastfeeding compresses

    2 in 1: hot and cold
    • Hot
    • Cold
    • Soft
  10. Electric breastpump accessories

    Electric breastpump accessories

    • Silicone tubes : automatic rinsing system to keep the tube clean.
    • Breast shield : comfortable & easy to clean.