Bathing & Care

Baby bath time is an every day essential and a chance to bond. We’ve developed solutions to make it easier, safer, and always stylish. Our premium range includes baby thermometers, baby nail clippers, and toys for some splashing fun.

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  1. Baby nose cleaner by aspiration

    Baby nose cleaner by aspiration

    • Efficient
  2. Thermometer and Hygrometer

    Thermometer and Hygrometer

    2 in 1
    • Humidity measurement
    • Ambient temperature measurement
    • Digital screen
  3. Baby well being set

    Baby well being set

    All natural bath time essentials
    • Wooden brush with soft goat-hair bristles.
    • Cosmébio-certified organic baby massaging oil.
    • Natural sea sponge.
    • Recyclable gift box.
  4. Wooden baby brush

    Wooden baby brush

    Natural origin for a gentle care
    • Soft bristles made from natural goat hair
    • Light brush with solid wood handle.
  5. Brush and comb nylon

    Brush and comb nylon

  6. Ear thermometer

    Ear thermometer

    • Accurate, reliable and high-speed temperature reading
    • Instant result: 1 second.
    • Easy to use
  7. Splitto bath toys

    Splitto bath toys

    • Bath squirt toys.
    • Funny.
  8. Triplo bath toys

    Triplo bath toys

    • 3 containers.
    • Fun colors.
    • Ideal sizes.
  9. Bath book

    Bath book

    Enliven baby's bath time
    • Playful
    • Colorful
    • 6 pages
  10. Ergonomic bathtub with drain Verso

    Ergonomic bathtub with drain Verso

    Ergonomic design with anti-slip bottom
    • Curved back for greater comfort for baby.
    • Easy to wash.
    • Anti-slip bottom.
    • Suitable for children up to 10 kg.
  11. Complete "advanced concept" teething set

    Complete "advanced concept" teething set

    3 times more effective than a traditional bristle toothbrush
    • Advanced concept
    • 3 to 12 months
    • 12 to 24 months
    • 24 months and over
  12. Soother thermometer

    Soother thermometer

    • Practical
    • Hygienic